Vintage LED Lighting - Maintaining the Retro look

Vintage LED Lighting - Maintaining the Retro look

Maintaining a conventional look in a home, restaurant, or bar is a completely valid and common concern when dealing with potentially odd futuristic looking LED lighting. But fear not, the appearance of a traditional looking tungsten bulb is another path which major lighting manufacturers are currently exploring and have almost perfected at this point in time.

With the boom of LED lighting over the last few years, new energy saving efficient LED models have rapidly been replacing their incandescent ancestors. However, there are many places where the latest and greatest LED bulbs don't quite fit from an aesthetic point of view, such as in lighting fixtures which expose the bulbs.

Our Filament range showcases a number of Candle, Mini-Globes, and Classic Globes in both dimmable and non-dimmable options - and just like they're modern looking equivalents, these will provide you with the advantages and savings of LED while giving you the Retro look you may wish to maintain when converting from Halogen to LED.


Filament Candle B22 2W (25W) Clear LED

Filament Mini Globe E27 2W (25W) Clear LED

Filament Globe (GLS) B22 6.2W (60W) Clear LED

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