Fire Rated Downlights in a Nutshell

Fire Rated Downlights in a Nutshell

What's all the fuss?


Plaster board ceilings have a natural ability to act as a fire barrier, however upon cutting a hole into a ceiling in order to fit a recessed downlight, a potential fire hazard is created. The downlight hole acts as a gateway allowing fire to spread through unchallenged. The real danger is once the fire starts to spread through this hole it has direct access to the adjoining structure, typically made from wooden ceiling joists.

Fire Rated Downlights are designed to seal off the hole and slow down the spread of fire in order to restore the fire integrity of the ceiling.  In buildings where people maybe living or inhabiting above, the ceiling below must be fire rated as a building regulation requirement. The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) recommends where ever possible to use Fire Rated Downlights over regular Non-Fire Rated downlighting.

You will notice that some Fire Rated Downlights are rated at 30, 60 and 90 minutes. This rating depends on the structure of the building and how many floors it has. I.E. The top floor of a block of flats would require a 90 or possibly 120 minute fire rating, whilst a ceiling in the bottom floor of a house would need a 30 or 60 minute rating. This delay allows occupants to escape the building or additional time for the fire to be extinguished.

Which Downlight do we recommend?


Lux Review (January 2016) has recently carried out a wide review of Fire Rated Downlights in the marketplace and the Integral LED Fire Rated range has been highly rated, achieving a joint-best score of 4 Stars, "Recommended". The best performing downlight ranges included the Aurora m10CX, Collingwood H2 Pro 550, JCC FG LED, and the Integral LED Fire Rated Downlight.

However with the additional bonus of having an IP65 Water Proof rating, being exceptionally easy to install via a loop-in / loop-out driver, and trumping it's rivals in terms of style points, we're happy to announce our new addition to the Halogen Replacement Downlighting range - The Integral LED Fire Rated Downlight!

Fixed Fire Rated LED Downlight 6W (35W)  70mm cut-out

Fixed Fire Rated LED Downlight 9W (50W)  70mm cut-out

Fixed Fire Rated LED Downlight 12W (75W) 70mm cut-out


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