COB or SMD GU10 Spotlights?

COB or SMD GU10 Spotlights?

Definition of an SMD LED


SMDs (Surface Mounted Device) are the new generation of LED lighting, the majority of our bulbs contain SMD chips allowing our bulbs to be much brighter than older generations of LED. The LED is soldered directly onto the PCB therefore requiring less space and improves the thermal connection.


Definition of a COB LED


Chip on Board (COB) being the most recent development in LED technology utilizes individual chips with multiple diodes (typically 9, or more). There is no casing with COB technology which enables a much denser LED array of light compared to SMD. A constant, controlled light beam is given off without any visible individual light points, producing a soft light capable of achieving greater levels of brightness, ideal for floodlights.

COB offers a greatly improved lumen per watt ratio compared with other LED technologies such as DIP and SMD. COB technology gives the best conditions for optimal cooling, which in turn will increase efficiency and lengthen the overall life of the lamp. The COB design is also much more aesthetically pleasing to look at, especially when compared against the older glass GU10 SMD models.


The choice is obvious right?


Wrong. COB LED lights tend to be more expensive than their SMD counterparts. If you're buying a large number of LED spotlights to fill a bathroom, kitchen, or an entire property, the price will soon add up. COB LED architecture is also harder to get right from a manufacturing perspective, meaning there's an added risk of a fault occurring in a COB LED lights predicted lifespan.


Older GU10 SMD LED

Standard GU10 SMD LED

Standard GU10 COB LED


Something new to consider


Innovation LEDs now sell a new GU10 on the store that combines the desirable look of COB technology with the reliability, light weight, flexibility, and reduced price of SMD - giving you the best of both worlds. We currently sell two different styles of this particular spotlight in a retro looking glass effect ideal for lighting fixtures to achieve a conventional look, and in a classic white base for a typical modern look.


 New GU10 'SMD with COB' effect

(Retro Glass Base)

New GU10 'SMD with COB effect'

(Classic White Base)



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